What Are the Benefits of a Privacy Fence?

A white picket fence may be the proverbial symbol of the American dream. But when it comes down to the numbers, nothing beats out the privacy fence for popularity. In much of suburban America, privacy fences separate plots and mark where one property ends and another begins. They keep your backyard private, quiet, and secure. So if you’re considering a new fence, consider these terrific benefits of a residential privacy fence.

What is a Privacy Fence

There are many, many types of fences. From split rail fences, common in rural (and rural-style) homes, to ornamental metal fences and residential chain link, the options can be overwhelming. But if you live in a suburb, especially one built with houses close together in a subdivision, chances are you have seen a lot of privacy fences. In fact, you may have one already, albeit in poor condition after decades of neglect.

What defines a privacy fence is the fact that it is solid. There are no spaces between pickets or rails. Instead, a privacy fence forms a completely opaque barrier between your property and everything outside of it. However, there is a lot of variety within that definition. And that is one of the benefits of a privacy fence. While the goals are often the same, there are many, many ways to get there. Privacy fences are one of the most versatile and diverse fencing styles out there. So while the choices can seem a bit overwhelming, it’s almost certain that you can find something to fit your needs and personal style, which leads us to our first benefit: diversity.

Privacy Fences are Diverse

There are many ways to go about installing a privacy fence. As long as the materials come together as unbroken panels, you can get the full benefits of a privacy fence. Beyond that, the styles and choices are quite broad.

The Basics

The most traditional privacy fence is a simple wooden fence with a flat top and little ornamentation. You can find these fences all over America and throughout the suburbs, but they are by no means the only option. One of the simplest ways to dress up a wooden privacy fence is to add post toppers. Adding ornamentation to the posts is inexpensive and can give a wooden privacy fence more visual appeal. In addition to posts, homeowners can choose fences with tops that are not flat all the way across. Dipped or scalloped fences are a popular choice to add some design flair without breaking the bank.

Different Construction

In addition to ornamentation, privacy fences can be constructed in various ways to break up the monotony of even, vertical pickets in a solid-board configuration. One option is to turn your fence on its side and install pickets horizontally instead of vertically. Another option is to break up the solid panel with a shadowbox style of construction. Shadowbox fences alternate pickets on both sides of the rail for a more three-dimensional look. You still get the privacy, but with a little more airflow and a more interesting appearance.

Adding Some Flair

Another way to spruce up your privacy fence is to add lattice or another decorative layer on top of the fence. A couple of feet of lattice running along the top of your fence can serve double duty. It works as a design element and can also increase your fence’s height from the standard six feet to eight feet. In many areas, fences can only be built taller than six feet if the top is lattice or a similar not-solid material.


One of the most significant benefits of a privacy fence is the security it provides. With a privacy fence, potential intruders can’t see into your property, so that means they can’t see anything worth stealing. Although privacy fences are not considered high-security like some metal fences, they are still difficult enough to penetrate to ward off most criminals.

In addition to keeping out criminals, a privacy fence can keep out other unwanted guests. Stray animals and suburban wildlife typically can’t get through a solid privacy fence.

The security benefits of a privacy fence don’t end with what it can keep out. It’s also important to keep things in. With a solid privacy fence, you can keep your children and pets safely inside the bounds of your property. You can let a dog out to run or allow your children to play freely without worrying about anyone wandering away.

Privacy and Shelter

When discussing the benefits of a privacy fence, we can’t leave out the most obvious benefit: privacy. A privacy fence offers privacy and shelter so that your backyard (where most privacy fences are installed) is your sanctuary. You can keep prying eyes out, whether from neighbors or people on the street. You can also block undesirable views. If your house backs up onto a road, other buildings, or anything you don’t want to look at all day every day, you can replace that view with a quality privacy fence.

Many people don’t realize just how much shelter a privacy fence provides. Because of its solid construction, a privacy fence can provide ample protection from the elements, especially wind and sun. Depending on the location and size of your fence, you may get some much-needed shade in the summer months. Whether you live in a particularly windy area or just have some gusty days, a solid fence is an effective windbreak. It can make your backyard more pleasant to be in, even on a windy day. It can also benefit fragile plants that wouldn’t naturally grow in a windy area.

Besides keeping out the wind and sun, a privacy fence can significantly reduce noise pollution. If your home backs up onto a busy street, you’ll be amazed at how much quieter it is with a six or eight-foot privacy fence. The solid construction reflects sound and gives you some welcome respite from the hustle and bustle just outside your home.

How to Enjoy the Benefits of a Privacy Fence

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