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Large wood backyard fence with a natural stain finish


Are you looking to enhance the appearance and longevity of your new or existing fence? Bravo Fence Company now offers professional fence staining services in Metro Atlanta.
We perform fence sealing and staining with the same degree of care and expertise as our fence installations. And we use only the highest quality stains to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting finish.
Our staining preparation includes a thorough cleaning and repair of damaged boards. Plus, with our recent partnership with Behr®, you can trust that the products we use are of the best quality.
Don’t settle for a dull, worn-out fence. Contact us today to schedule your fence staining service and give your fence the protection and beauty it deserves!
A lineup of some of the wood staining products available from Behr


Choose Your Color

Choose below from a dozen solid and semi-transparent colors. Protect your newly installed fence or enhance your existing fence line. 

Receive a Custom Quote

Your quote will include the scope and timeline for your fence staining. Schedule a time that’s convenient for you, and we’ll be there to seal, beautify and protect your fence! 

Get Your Fence Stained!

Our top priority is satisfaction from our Atlanta area customers. Our professional fence installers are dedicated to providing quality work in a prompt and efficient manner.


Colors above are simulated, there may be a slight difference between the color of the chip shown and the actual stained surface depending on wood species.

Fence Staining FAQS

Before staining, we want to make sure the wood is dry to the touch which on average can take 1-2 months depending on the time of year. 

We recommend using water-based since it keeps the color on the fence for a longer period time and is extremely mildew/mold resistant. It also provides the fence with the best UV protection. It also does not carry harmful odors or fumes during application. 

Semi-transparent stain can last 5-10 years in Atlanta weather. Solid stain can last 10+, depending on the fence’s location on the property. 

The stain begins to dry immediately but can take up to 4 hours to become fully rain resistant.

If you have a color in mind, we recommend color matching if possible. Color samples are also available for testing at any local Home Depot.

The graying of the fence can be due to mold/mildew buildup on the fence or happen because the wood is extremely dried out. A mild solvent pressure wash will return the fence back to its natural state. 

Note: For older fences, we recommend using solid colors to hide imperfections. 

When it comes to cedar fences oil-based stains are recommended since the oil can penetrate through the rigidness of the cedar. But water-based stains are still very suitable. 

Bravo Fence Stain offers a 3-year warranty that covers any defects of material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance for all stained fences.

Looking for the best fence staining service around Atlanta?


At Bravo Fence, our goal is to provide all of our customers with superior service, top quality materials, and expert advice to satisfy customers at a competitive price.

Double Arched Shadowbox Wood Gate


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