Is Wood Fencing Secure?

When it comes to home security, fencing is your first line of defense. Whatever size your property is, a sturdy fence can provide peace of mind. But there are a lot of factors to consider when planning a security fence. What will keep burglars off my property? Is wood fencing secure? Let’s dive in and discuss all you need to know about putting up a security fence around your home.

What is the best fence for security?

You might be surprised by how many options there are for fencing! The most common fencing materials are wood, vinyl, or metal. Heavy-duty security fences are typically chain link, metal, or electric perimeter fencing. However, these fencing types aren’t very picturesque, and therefore many homeowners opt for alternatives. So can wood fencing secure your home? Absolutely!

Wood fencing is incredibly versatile and attractive, which can make it a great option for a home security fence or privacy fence. When selecting your wood type, you’ll want to consider your climate and ongoing maintenance. To provide the best security for your home, you’ll need to keep your wood fence in good condition.

If security is your main concern, be sure to hire a professional for installation, as they’ll know best how to make your wood fencing secure. They can assist you with selecting a strong wood and with choosing a design that will provide both security features and curb appeal. Additionally, a professional installer can add brackets to prevent would-be intruders from lifting fence panels to access your property.

Security versus privacy

The first step before putting up a fence on your property is assessing your needs and wants. Do you truly need security for your property, or are you looking to upgrade your privacy? The two can actually be quite different! For example, safety experts recommend that a security fence surprisingly not be solid. This is because a solid fence obscures views and allows potential criminals to hide from the building occupants.

Solid wood privacy fence
Solid wood privacy fence

For example, if you’re planning a wood fence installation, you should opt for a sturdy palisade style (one with spaces between the boards), instead of a close-board fence (where the boards overlap without gaps). However, if you’re looking to increase privacy from neighbors or pedestrian traffic, then a solid wood fence will provide that.

Additional security measures

If security is your aim, there are three main factors recommended by security experts. The fence should:

  • Not provide hiding spaces or obscure sightlines
  • Be high and/or difficult to climb over
  • Not be easily bypassed

There are also additional security measures you can add to your fencing design. If you’re worried about intruders jumping your fence, you may wonder what you can put on your fence as a deterrent.

To make wood fencing secure, an attractive and crime-preventing option is a timber trellis with thorny plants. Not only are the plants a more attractive, aesthetic option for your property, but they can also be a great deterrent as they make climbing a fence quite difficult. No criminal wants to get stuck in a thorn bush!

Wood spikes that can be added on top of a fence
Wood spikes that can be added on top of a fence

Another more visually appealing fence that provides a security feature is one with a spiked top. This is a popular choice as spikes can look very simple and elegant, providing curb appeal while still making intruders think twice. For example, a traditional white picket fence doesn’t have to be super tall but can still provide good security thanks to the spiked top of the panels. Spiked fencing is available in a variety of materials, whether you opt for wood, metal, or vinyl fencing. This makes a spiked fence a popular and broad choice for security.

Some property owners are less concerned with visual appeal and instead opt for more severe safety measures. But is it illegal to put carpet grippers on your fence? While there is no law to stop you from hammering nails or carpet gripper into the top of your fence, your local Homeowners Association may take issue with the practice, and it certainly won’t do anything for the visual appeal of your property. Instead, we recommend you opt for a more integrated look and choose a fence type with spikes or spires along the top.

How tall can you make a privacy fence?

In addition to spikes on top of your fence, the height of your fence will greatly impact how much it acts as a security feature. Simply put: the taller the fence, the more secure it is. So how tall can you make your fence? Take a look around your neighborhood and see what other homeowners have done. Does your neighborhood have a Homeowners Association? If so, it will probably have some regulations regarding fence height. Typically, fences are 4 feet to 6 feet tall. A privacy fence is commonly 6 feet tall or even higher. If you’re considering a much taller fence, you should check your city’s regulations regarding fence height. While some cities will allow extra high fences, they may require a permit.

Some homeowners might worry and ask are privacy fences rude? As with any fence you add to your property, there is a certain etiquette to follow to maintain peace with your neighbors. Regardless of any specific HOA regulations or your neighbors’ opinions, keeping your fence construction in line with the aesthetics of your neighborhood will be better for your curb appeal and home value.

What type of fence is most durable?

Overall, vinyl and metal fences offer the most in terms of durability. However, if you’re set on a wooden fence, you have several options in regards to price and durability. Redwood is one of the most extensively used types of wood for fencing. Redwood is known for its durability and aesthetic value.

But if durability is your main concern, some manufacturers claim that vinyl fences are nearly five times stronger than comparable wood fences. We typically recommend vinyl fencing over wood fencing as these are effortlessly durable and attractive. Plus, vinyl fencing is essentially maintenance-free. Given its low maintenance costs and long lifespan, in the long run, vinyl fencing is more affordable than many other fencing types.

Does putting up a fence add value to your home?

An important question that most homeowners want to know before starting a fencing project is if it will add value to their home. If you’re going to invest in a good quality fence for your property, it makes sense to want a good return. Keep in mind that landscaping only accounts for about 15% of a home’s overall value. That said, security and privacy are great selling points for a home, as long as the addition of a fence doesn’t look out of place in the neighborhood or take away from your home’s aesthetic.


In summary, if you’re considering adding a security or privacy fence to your property, there are several factors to consider.


Vinyl fences will be the most durable option and have the versatility to look like many traditional wood fences. Metal fences can provide great security and be aesthetically pleasing, though they do require some maintenance. Wood fencing can be very economical and provide great curb appeal. Vinyl and wood are especially good choices for privacy fences.


Privacy and security fences are typically 6 feet high, but you may be able to build higher. Check with your local HOA and city planning office to confirm if you can erect a higher fence on your property.


Carefully consider if you need security or privacy, as this will impact your fence style. Security fences tend to be taller and feature a deterrent along the top, like spikes or spires. They also are less solid, though carefully designed so as to not be easily climbed. Privacy fences will reduce visibility from neighbors and pedestrians, but may look more imposing since they tend to be solid and not feature gaps or spaces.

Getting started

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