Is a Vinyl Pool Fence a Good Idea?

A backyard pool is a wonderful feature in any home or commercial property, providing a comfortable way to unwind and stay cool during a hot day.

Despite this, a pool can present a safety threat, particularly for small children.

To keep your guests and family safe, it is recommended that you invest in pool fencing.

It helps regulate access to your swimming pool.

This means that your children can enjoy it, but not without some level of supervision.

Additionally, a pool fence is an effective way to ward off pets and animals from your swimming pool.

If you’re “on the fence” about installing a pool fence, let’s run down all the reasons you need one ASAP.

Reasons for Getting a Pool Fence

As you weigh the benefits of getting a pool fence against the installation cost, these are the best reasons you should get pool fencing done.

Hundreds of children die from swimming pool accidents each year. A vinyl pool fence can help keep your loved ones safe.


The primary reason why you should get a pool fence is safety. If you have children or pets at home, a pool fence is a necessity.

Even if you don’t have children or pets of your own, you may have visitors.

Accidental drownings are preventable, and you should take every precaution to avoid such a tragedy.

A pool fence will keep your loved ones protected and reduce any unsupervised access to the pool.

Although pool fence guidelines vary from one state to another and sometimes even from city to city, it is still common sense to have one.

Swimming pools are responsible for claiming the lives of hundreds of kids each year.

According to recent data, 350 under the age of 5 will drown each year.

Therefore, it is each pool owner’s responsibility to make safe choices and erect sturdy fencing.

Legal Requirements

Many cases of drowning are reported each year.

Because of this, many neighborhoods have now made it a requirement to have a pool fence around backyard swimming pools. In some places, municipalities are very specific about pool fences.

They have strict requirements for fence material and height.

They charge penalties on homeowners who do not comply with this requirement.

When you work with a professional installer like Bravo Fence Company, we will ensure that all local requirements are met.

Insurance Requirements

Many insurance companies also require homeowners to have a pool fence installed before providing liability coverage.

Otherwise, they may charge much higher premiums.

Homeowners may be required to confirm that safety requirements have been met if they are installing a new pool.


If you live in a neighborhood where backyards are small and houses are close to each other, a pool fence can provide better privacy.

And of course, more privacy means you can relax and enjoy your pool.

A pool fence acts as an attractive enclosure that provides the freedom of the outdoors on your property.


As a safety measure, some companies offer various pool nets and covers.

However, putting up a pool cover or pool net every time you plan on swimming is very inconvenient.

Pool covers can be heavy and they take up a lot of your time and energy.

With pool fences, you won’t have to worry about this. It requires no effort from you.

Once you get a pool fence installed, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy.

And make sure you lock that gate after each use!

Why a Vinyl Pool Fence is Best

So now that you understand the reasons for getting a pool fence, what kind should you get?

There is no better way to enhance the safety and security of your swimming pool than by installing a pool fence.

However, to reduce costs, consider installing a versatile vinyl pool fence.

Vinyl is an excellent alternative to more traditional fencing materials such as wood.

In fact, your vinyl pool fencing will be up to five times stronger than if it were built using wood!

As more and more states in the U.S. require some sort of fence or barrier around the pool, the best possible option is to go ahead and install a vinyl pool fence.

Let’s run through all the reasons why!


With other types of pool fencings, like ornamental wood or metal, a larger gap exists between the posts.

A vinyl pool fence is a great way to add the extra cushion of privacy around a pool.

It is also ideal for creating a private getaway right in your backyard since it provides enhanced privacy.


Vinyl fencing is significantly lower maintenance than other forms of fencing.

For instance, wood fencing requires sanding, painting, sealing, and replacements over the years.

Vinyl fences require almost no maintenance, just a good hose down once in a while.

And without much attention, they’ll still last decades.

This makes them a great financial investment.

A vinyl pool fence is a durable and attractive fencing option.


If you are choosing vinyl fencing that you have an array of choices.

There are numerous designs and you have the opportunity to choose from the many.

If you adopt wood and metal fencing the choice is limited.

Feel free to adopt vinyl and witness the difference of positivity all on your own.

Another great benefit to choosing vinyl pool fencing is the wide array of designs.

With wood and metal fencing, the type of fencing you can get is limited, but with a Weatherables pool fence, you can choose from picket to privacy fences in several designs.

Another advantage of vinyl is that it keeps its appearance just as well as it keeps its strength.

Vinyl fencing doesn’t fade in the sun, doesn’t stain from water or rust, and doesn’t need to be painted or otherwise protected.

This makes it great for pool fencing – after all, you already have enough maintenance to worry about with taking care of the pool itself.

Why would you want to add your fence to that list?


When it comes to durability, there is no better fencing choice than vinyl.

Wood fences are prone to rot, and metal fences can rust and corrode.

Vinyl fences on the other hand are nearly indestructible and impervious to the elements.

A vinyl fence can withstand high-pressure situations and has the strength to keep your pool safe.

Pool fences need to be durable.

Unlike privacy fences and decorative garden fences, pool fences withstand a lot of abuse.

We hang our wet towels on them, splash them with pool water, and open and shut the gates dozens of times a day.

Your pool fence needs to be able to stand up to both constant use by you and your family, and constant exposure to sun, rain, and other weather.

That’s why vinyl is the perfect material for a pool fence.

Unlike wood and metal, vinyl doesn’t deteriorate over time from exposure to the sun, rain, or normal use.

Wood fences swell and shrink when they get wet or dry, and metal fences like chain-link can rust over time.

Vinyl is the only product that keeps 100 percent of its strength for its entire lifespan.

Takeaways on Installing a Vinyl Pool Fence

With the weather warming up, chances are you’re getting ready to enjoy your swimming pool.

Or maybe you’re just starting to think about putting one in on your property.

But whether you’ve had your pool for years or it’s still in your dreams, a vinyl pool fence is the perfect way to keep your pool safe and secure.

That isn’t to say that all pool fences are created equal.

In fact, the reality is far from it. Vinyl pool fences offer superior durability and a longer lifespan than other kinds of fences, and they look better too.

At Bravo Fence Company, we can install a great, high-quality vinyl pool fence in your yard at a great price.

All of our pool fences include safety features including self-closing and self-locking doors and correct height and spacing requirements.

Plus, our materials are strong and durable, meaning once you have a fence you’ll have it forever!


Why is pool fencing important?

A backyard pool is a great feature, but it poses safety threats, especially for children. A pool fence regulates access, providing a safe environment and preventing accidents.

What are the primary reasons for getting a pool fence?

The foremost reason is safety, especially if you have children or pets. Accidental drownings are preventable, and a pool fence reduces unsupervised access, saving lives.

Are there legal requirements for pool fences?

Yes, many neighborhoods and municipalities have made pool fences a requirement to prevent drowning incidents. Working with professionals ensures compliance with local regulations.

Are there insurance requirements for pool fences?

Many insurance companies may require a pool fence for liability coverage. Not having one may lead to higher premiums, and homeowners may need to confirm safety compliance.

How does a pool fence enhance privacy?

In close-knit neighborhoods, a pool fence provides privacy, creating a personal outdoor space. It acts as an attractive enclosure for a more relaxed pool experience.

Why choose a vinyl pool fence over other materials?

Vinyl pool fences offer enhanced security, low maintenance, diverse aesthetics, and durability. They withstand weather conditions, providing long-lasting protection for your pool.

How does vinyl fencing improve security?

Vinyl pool fences provide enhanced privacy due to fewer gaps between posts, creating a secure and private environment around the pool.


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