What is the Easiest Way to Extend the Height of a Fence?

People may choose to extend the height of a fence for a variety of reasons. Some do it for security, while others do it for privacy. Some people want to hide their homes or yard from the eyes of the public, while others want to keep their dogs safe. Whatever your reason, there are three easy ways to extend the height of a fence. We will discuss them and help you plan out your fence to get it just the way you want.

Options for Extending the Height of a Fence

There are several options for extending the height of a fence. Some are simpler or more dramatic than others. Whatever suits you, working with a professional fencing company can ensure that your extension is secure ad doesn’t damage your existing fence. Read on for three popular options!

Add Extra Boards

One of the easiest ways to extend the height of your fence by a few feet is by adding a few boards. You must buy a few panels, cut them to the correct sizes, build boards, and install them.

Use a saw to cut them to their appropriate lengths and height, and remember to wear proper safety equipment. The boards should be of the same height. Paint the boards with the same paint as that of your existing fence. You can also try new paint if they blend nicely. Use screws or nails to attach each board to the existing fence.

Add Trellis/Lattice Screen

A trellis is a popular and beautiful way of adding height to your fence. Some call it a fence topper. It’s designed to rest on top of your existing fence as opposed to blending in with it. Most toppers are between 1 and 2 feet in height and run from one end of the fence to the other. The trellis should be sturdy and securely attached – best left to a professional.

It may not provide much privacy, but it can boost your home’s security and prevent your dog from jumping over the fence into the street. Another benefit of using a trellis is that it will allow light through.

So-called “living fence toppers” can add height to a fence and enhance its beauty.

Try Using Living Fences

If you opt for a trellis, you can use a living fence for privacy. If you’re a gardener, this is your chance to try something incredible – climbing plants and vines. They’ll make your yard feel alive, beautiful, and natural and provide better shade from the sun.

Living fences grow well with poles, and you can use cables to help them extend properly and thrive. They grow pretty fast, especially if you properly care for them by watering and using suitable fertilizer. It will cover the top of your fence in no time.

How to Install a Fence Extension

Fence extensions may seem easy to install. If you’re handy, you can give it a try by following the steps below. Or you can always contact Bravo Fence Company to ensure your new fence extension is beautiful and secure.

Talk to Your Neighbor First

A good neighbor informs their neighbors about their planned projects. If you intend to extend your fence’s height, it’s best to let your neighbors know. They might like the idea too and decide to partner with you on the project and split the costs. You also need to check if your neighborhood has an HOA. The HOA may have height restrictions.

Buy the Materials

There are a variety of materials to choose from. For instance, if you decide to go with boards, many wooden panels have different heights and widths. You may opt for a matching or contrasting material. Attaching wood to wood is the easiest option. You can paint the panels before or after installation.

The other option is the lattice screens or trellis that come premade. You will choose a design that fits well with your fence. Be mindful of the height.

Measure Up Your Fence

Measure up your fence and ensure the boards are as high as you want them but follow any neighborhood-specific guidelines. Consider how the height might impact your yard or views. You wouldn’t need a tall fence that blocks the sun from shining on your patio if you have flowerbeds there or use it to tan!

Install the Fence Extension

Wear gloves to prevent injuries on your hands. Lift the boards and insert the bases over the panels of the existing fence. Use screws or nails to hold them to place. To run the screws into the wood, use impact drills to drive the screws into place.

If you didn’t paint them before installing them, you could do it after. Use good exterior paint to protect the wood from harsh weather. If you use a trellis, screw them firmly to the top of the fence. You can hire a professional fence contractor to do the same for you. Add poles and wires to guide your vines.


Adding height to a fence is a useful upgrade for many reasons. And while you can always attempt the DIY route, if you want a guarantee of beauty and security, hire a professional. At Bravo Fence Company, we are experts in extending the height of your fence, but we can also build your fence from the ground up, depending on the height you prefer. Contact us for a quote today!


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