What Is the Best Fence to Sell Your Home?

There are lots of reasons to install or replace a fence. In most cases, the type of fence you choose depends on your needs and tastes. To a lesser extent, some homeowners are limited by a homeowners association or local rules and regulations. But then there is an entirely different type of fencing customer. Sometimes, homeowners want to put up a fence to help sell a home. In that case, the discussion about what kind of fence to install is very different. The goal is not to identify your needs and what you like. Instead, you need to figure out the best fence to sell your home. The problem with that question is that every potential home buyer has their own tastes and their own idea of the ideal fence. You obviously can’t please everyone. So what do you do? Bravo Fence has some tips that might help you in this unique situation.

Selling Your Home Quickly

You may have heard real estate experts talk about recuperating money in a sale. Basically, it doesn’t make sense to put money into your home that won’t increase the sale price enough to cover the improvements. If you put in a $10,000 home theater and that doesn’t increase the sale price by $10,000, you’ve just lost money.

It’s true that some home improvements have a higher return on investment than others. Typically, kitchens and bathrooms appeal to buyers, so that’s a good place to spend your money. Landscaping is another part of your home where a little money goes a long way towards making your home look more valuable. But even in those places, it’s unlikely you will recoup 100% of your investment.

So what’s the point of investing in a home you’re about to sell? The answer is that it’s all about curb appeal and a quick sale. One of the most significant factors in a home’s selling price has little to do with the state of the home itself. The amount of time a home has been on the market can drastically affect the selling price. Specifically, the longer a house is on the market, the lower the offers become.

Realtors see two things in a home that has sat on the market for a while. First, they question what has been driving away potential buyers. Second, they see a desperate seller with plenty of supply, but no demand. That leads to lower offers. Buyers’ agents hope that, in the absence of any competition, you will agree to a lower price. If you are the homeowner, you may be prepared to hold onto the home as long as it takes to get your desired asking price, but time is not on your side. The best thing you can do to get the asking price you want is to make sure that your home looks appealing enough to draw in buyers, drive up competition, and sell quickly.

It’s All About Curb Appeal

When it comes to selling your home quickly, you’ll hear realtors use the term curb appeal. Curb appeal, as its name suggests, is how appealing your home looks from the street—or curb—before a potential buyer has even set foot on your property. It is the crucial first impression, and it colors everything else a potential buyer sees. Beyond curb appeal, staging is critical. You want your home to look like something out of Better Homes & Gardens. Your agent may recommend a professional staging service. A staging company may even go so far as bringing in their own furniture and interior design pieces to decorate your home in the most appealing way until it sells.

What does this have to do with your new fence, you may ask. We’re getting there!

If you plan on selling your home, you need a fence that adds to the overall appearance and appeal of your home. You may not get 100% of your money back, but when a new fence is part of an overall effort to spruce up your home, you can sell quickly and keep those asking prices competitive.

Choose a Fence That Complements Your Home

Now is not a time for personal preferences. After all, you hopefully will not have to live with this fence for very long. Instead, think about the overall style of your home and what will work best with that style. Look beyond your home, too. Is there a dominant style in the neighborhood? Pick up on the general feel of the neighborhood. You don’t want to be the home that stands out like a sore thumb.

Before you make any choices, take a look at the different colors, styles, and materials of your home. Is your home modern? A traditional ranch? A classic colonial house? Or do you have a more historic home, like a Victorian? Determining the style of your home will help you determine the appropriate style for a fence to go with it.

Next, take a look at the colors of your home. Typically, you don’t have many color choices when it comes to residential fencing. Picket fences are often white, while steel fences are usually black. If you have a wooden privacy fence, you could paint it, but avoid going with bright colors. Many homebuyers will appreciate the natural look of a wood fence that is stained instead of painted.

Finally, take a look at the materials of your home. If your home has railings, such as on a deck or porch, use a similar style for your fence. It will help tie things together and avoid clashing. If you have wooden features in your yard, like a pergola or gazebo, pick up on that style. You want your fence to look like it belongs there.

What Is The Purpose of Your Fence?

Why are you putting up a fence in the first place? If you can answer that question, you will have a much easier time choosing a fence style.

Is your home best suited for a family? Great! Build a fence that makes your home even better for a family. A wooden privacy fence helps create a more private backyard for play, relaxation, and afternoon barbecues. Does your home have great views? Then forget the privacy fence and go with a more transparent fence that lets you enjoy the view. A steel fence provides classic elegance and can keep children and pets contained without blocking out a gorgeous vista.

Does your home have a sprawling yard that disappears into deep bushes and trees? Putting up a steel fence around a large yard can get expensive. Consider a chain-link fence. You’re unlikely ever to see it, but it works great to keep pets from escaping.

Don’t Go Cheap

When you’re putting money into a home you plan to sell, there is a temptation to go with the cheapest options. After all, you’re leaving it all behind. So how much do you really care if the fence needs to be repaired or replaced in just a few years? Don’t fall into that trap. Homebuyers are on the lookout for cheap flips, and if they notice you’re cutting corners in one area, they may wonder what you’ve done elsewhere. Even worse, if a low-budget fencing company cuts corners, it could come back to bite you at the time of your home inspection. If a fence isn’t built to code, you could be forced to repair or even replace it before you can sell the home.

This isn’t the time to install a high-end fence (unless you are selling a luxury home), but you need to install something that shows that you care about your home, even when you are about to leave it. Bravo Fence Company can help you find the best fence for your budget, and make sure that it’s done right. We don’t install low-quality fences, so you can be sure that a Bravo Fence Company fence will never make your home look cheap.

Let Bravo Fence Company Help You Sell Your Home

We’re no realtors, but we do know fences. Bravo Fence Company will work with you to design and build a fence that is unique to your home. When you’re getting ready to sell, that means designing a fence that improves the look of your home. We can help you pick the right fence for your home and location. You’ll love your new fence, and so will your buyers! Contact Bravo Fence Company today for a free quote.


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