Picking a Fence Style to Match Your Home

A fence is vital for safety and security of your property. It can also make or break the aesthetics of your home. There are all sorts of fences available today in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. Finding the right style for your home is critical, but it can also be a tedious process. Understanding your needs and your home’s architectural style will help you choose the right fence style to match your home.

Architectural Styles

If you know the architectural style of your home, you can pick a fence that will suit the style. Here are some common house styles and our suggestions for fences that will complement your home.


Ranch houses have a traditional feel to them, and they often have a garage door at the front. The doors to these houses are not very wide, the roof is slightly steep, and they have asymmetrical facades. A picket fence would look great for these kinds of homes. A traditional wood privacy fence also makes a great addition to ranch-style home.

Colonial Revival

Colonial revival homes have a traditional feel. They are classy and elegant, with a lot of space and expansive balconies and porches. Since this is a classic style, fences with a traditional feel would be best, such as a white picket fence or a metal fence with some ornamentation.


Neoclassical houses are often large, with wide balconies, tall columns, oversized windows, and decorative details. These homes have a classical feel, and therefore tall metallic fences would suit them best, such as a steel or aluminum fence with ornamental designs.

Spanish Revival

Homes of this style have tiles roofs, arched windows and doorways, and wide doors. The best kind of fences for these homes are metallic, brick, and stone fences with thick pickets.


French-style homes get their inspiration from traditional houses that existed in the French countryside. The style became popular when soldiers picked it up during the first world war and brought it back to the United States. French-style homes almost always have a chimney, a brick or stone facade, and a steep roof. The fence style to match your home, in this case, would be a traditional metal fence or a more rustic wood fence.


During the first world war, many people came back to America from Europe and brought with them the Tudor style. Back in the States, they took this older style and revamped it to seem more contemporary. A Tudor style home would look best with a wooden fence in a modern style.


The homes that follow the cape-cod style have symmetrical windows, a steep roof, a garage, a large chimney, and an attic. The best kind of fence for these traditional American homes is a white picket fence.


Modern style houses are very distinctive. These homes have large spaces, high ceilings, and are very geometrical. The best kind of fence for such a home would be a minimalist fence with some horizontally arranged panels.

Arts and Craft

These are homes that have an artistic and crafty feel to them. The styles, techniques, and designs used in these homes are from different places. The characteristics of these homes are that they are spacious and look rustic. The best kind of fences for these homes are traditional fences such as wood or picket fences.


Futuristic style homes are unique. They are built in modern materials and have sleek surfaces and curved walls. These kinds of houses come in different sizes and shapes. The best variety of fences for such homes are metal or glass fences.

Which Material Provides the Best Fence Style to Match Your Home

If you have an idea of the type of fence you want, you may want to start there and see whether you can match it to your home. In general, fence styles are flexible and it is often possible to match your desired fence material to your home. You just need to find the right style for your fence material and it will be a lovely addition to your home.


A fence made of wood can blend in with the majority of house styles that are available today. The best thing about fences made of wood is that they can be painted in different colors and are available in many different designs. You can also stain a wood fence for added protection. Wood fences offer privacy and come in many different varieties. At Bravo Fence Company, we offer high-quality wood fences that will look great on your property.


Though vinyl fences can blend with different styles of homes, they make a great fence style for modern or brick houses. You can select a custom vinyl fence to suit your preferences. Many vinyl fences are privacy fences, but not all. The spacing between the posts of a vinyl fence is one consideration when you opt for this kind of fence. The PVC fences from Bravo Fence Company are reliable, elegant, high-quality, and low-maintenance. The color is integral to the material, eliminating your worries of coating or painting. Vinyl fence options include privacy, picket, and split rail styles.


A steel fence is perfect for places with temperamental weather. A steel fence seamlessly matches a brick home. This kind of fence can have spear-shaped spires on the pickets to offer excellent protection from intruders. However, they don’t provide much privacy due to the space between the steel pickets. There are different types of steel fences available at Bravo Fence Company, but all of them are strong and durable. Many also come in a variety of colors.


A composite fence is a low maintenance wood-look fence that is both beautiful and strong. They offer privacy and security and can be painted in different colors to suit your home’s exterior.

Chain Link

Chain-link fences are made of galvanized steel. They are strong, and you can use them in places that get harsh weather since they are extremely durable. These fences are perfect for homes that have an expansive backyard or a ranch that needs some security. The low cost per foot makes them a cost-effective solution to enclose large spaces. Contact us at Bravo Fence Company for chain link fences for your backyard, home, and property.


Aluminum fences can be customized, which makes them suitable for any home style or color. The aluminum fences from Bravo Fence Company are low-maintenance, durable, and aesthetically appealing. We offer aluminum residential fences, aluminum pool fences, aluminum security fences, aluminum fences for dogs, and aluminum entrance gates that will complement your home.

Color Considerations on a Fence Style to Match Your Home

Fence Colors for Beige, White, and Pastel Exteriors

The benefit of light shades is that they match with most things. If you have a house exterior that is light and bright, you may want a fence color that blends in with that. Your options when it comes to fence color are unlimited. You can choose a neutral color to match the bright colors, white for simplicity, or a bold color to add some glamour.

Fence Colors for Grey, Brown, and Black Homes

One choice for homes with dark colors is to use a fence color that contrasts with the exterior color. Wooden fenced painted yellow, gold, blue, or red would make a great fence style to match your home if you have an exterior that has dark colors like greys, black and brown.

Fence Colors for Unique Exteriors

Some house exteriors are unique colors that are sure to grab the attention of anyone passing by. For such colors, you may want a fence that has a subtle color since you might not find another unique color to complement the one you currently have. Neutral colors such as black (for metal fences), white, or a natural color would be best.

Fence Colors for Brick and Stone Homes

A textured exterior for a home gives it a classic, traditional feel. The kind of fence you choose should complement that. In this case, select a fence with an aluminum color that will result in a stunning design. Alternatively, a white wooden fence would also be a good fit.

Fence Colors for Modern Grey and Blue Exteriors

Many people are now selecting colors in a cool palate. These colors stand out from the rest and give your home a fresh look. For such colors, choose a white vinyl, wood, or aluminum fence.

Conclusion: The Best Fence Style to Match Your Home

The style of fence you choose depends on several factors. You should consider your home’s architectural style, its exterior color, and the natural features of the area. The right style for your fence will not only make your home beautiful but also add security. For all your fencing needs, reach out to us at Bravo Fence Company. Not only are we licensed and insured, but our work also has a five-year warranty. We will listen to your requests and install a fence that makes your home look beautiful.


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