Is There a Best Time of Year to Install a Fence?

When you think about residential fences, chances are wood is what comes to mind. Most traditional homes use wood fencing, although metal and vinyl are also common options. If you are in the market for traditional wood fencing, Bravo Fence Company can help. We often get a lot of questions about what type of wood fencing to use and when is the best time of year to install a fence. Just like any other addition to your home or property, your fencing should be professionally installed and then maintained over the course of its lifecycle. In this post, we will cover the best time of the year to install a fence, permits, and everything else that may come in handy.

Why You Should Install A Fence

There are a number of reasons to install a fence around your home. If you have pets or small children, a fence can help keep them safe and contained within your yard. Small dogs can roam around the yard in peace without worrying about being bullied by bigger dogs in the neighborhood. For those with larger dogs, a wooden fence is a great way to keep them contained in the yard without the need of keeping them leashed.

No matter what age children you have, installing a fence around your yard can increase the safety of their playtime. Sturdy fencing creates a barrier that can keep them from wandering in the street or into the neighborhood. If your children have an abundance of toys, a fence can also help keep their toys contained. An added bonus of installing a fence is extra security for your home and your family. It is much harder for burglars to gain access to your home if they have to scale a sturdy fence before reaching the house. You can even affix spotlighting along various points of your fence to light up your yard in the evening hours.

When Is The Best Time of Year To Install A Fence?

Building a fence is a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and protect your property at the same time. Knowing the best time of year to install a fence can help you save on installation costs and protect your fence more effectively. The best time to install your fence depends on a few factors. The type of material you plan to use is one of the main points to consider. If you are installing a wooden fence, you should avoid having it built in the summer. This is the worst time for wood, even if it may look nice under all that sun. Direct sunlight is very harsh for wood, especially new wood. It can dry out the fence which will make it age and change color much quicker.

Protecting Your Wooden Fence

One way to protect your new wooden fence from direct sunlight and heat damage is by treating it with a UV inhibiting sealant. Building your wooden fence in the fall is a great way to allow the wood to properly season without having to battle the effects of sun damage. The fall is a bit tough in terms of working outdoors, but it is actually the best time for all types of new fence installation. For wooden fences, the wood will have plenty of time to season before it is exposed to full sunlight or high temperatures. For other types of fencing material, fall and winter are ideal because less foliage on the ground will aid in proper leveling.

Cool-weather is best for new fence installation, especially wood. Moist weather allows wood planks to acclimate themselves to being outdoors, and it helps the wood to form a protective layer. Stains and sealants should also be applied during the late fall and early winter. This will give them plenty of time to seep into the wood and bond properly for a highly protective seal.

Are Permits Needed For Fences?

In most areas, a permit is required for any outdoor structure, including a fence. Before you start your project, Bravo Fence will check the regulations, zoning rules, and building codes in your area to ensure your fence stays within regulations. If a permit needs to be obtained prior to construction, we’ll take care of that too. In most residential neighborhoods, the allowance for backyard fences is six feet tall and the allowance for front yard fences is four feet tall.

Permits are needed prior to building a fence to ensure that the size, scale, fence design, and even the material are up to city codes. It is important that your fence is safe for your family and the public. When a fence is built on a shared property line, even your neighbor will need to give their approval. Aside from city permits, homes located in communities with homeowners associates will have further rules to follow. Generally, these rules relate to fence styles, colors, and designs. Every city and area has its own rules. Working with a professional fencing company will save you time and money when filing and building a new fence. A professional fencing company will know the best time of year to install a fence and how to secure permits with fewer hassles.

Are Certain Seasons Cheaper For Fence Installation?

Just like with any other product, there are seasons when homeowners can get a better rate on their fence installation. The off-seasons for fence building are usually just ahead of winter, or right before the rainy season in your area. It makes financial sense to build your fence in the off-season, and you can often get more flexibility in scheduling when companies have fewer jobs to juggle. Although fence building is more affordable during certain seasons, it is still important to choose your materials, style, and installation company with care.

Can You Install A Fence In The Winter?

Winter is cold no matter where in the world you live, but that is no reason to delay your fence installation. As long as there is no snow on the ground and the soil is not frozen, you can get started on your outdoor fencing projects. Landscaping in the winter is much easier because there are fewer plants, weeds, and other foliage to contend with. When there is less natural clutter, it is easier for a fencing company to plan and install your fence accurately. The work will also be completed much quicker as there is less foliage to clear away before installing the fence.

If you are used to having privacy around your home during the warmer months, winter brings with it another reason to have a fence installed. When the leaves on your trees and plants shed during the fall, you can be left with gaps in your privacy. Installing a fence in the winter will help restore your privacy while also increasing the curb appeal of your property.

When Is A Good Time To Install a Wooden Fence Around Your Backyard Garden?

If you have a garden in your backyard that you want to protect, a fence is a good way to go about it. When considering your garden, the best time of year to install a fence is when the ground will allow you to work properly. Any fence should be installed by a professional to ensure local regulations are followed, and most professionals can work all year round. For garden fences, the best time to work is just ahead of the spring planting season, or even towards the end of the summer just ahead of wildlife season.

Most people build fences around their backyard garden to keep pets and other animals out and to help create a visual barrier for the garden. Once your plants start growing, disturbing the soil to build a fence can lead to plant failure. Also, the last thing you want during the peak growing season is for installers to be trampling through your garden. If your garden has already been started, wait until fall or winter to install a fence around your backyard garden. There will be less competition for time, and the project will likely come in under budget.

Whatever the season, Bravo Fence is here to help you build the fence you dream of. Contact us today to get your free quote and start your fence project now!


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