Homeowners: Fencing Can Give Your Property a Hidden Edge

The real estate business is booming all around the country. 

With supply low and demand high, sellers are at an all-time advantage. 

This leverage, however, should encourage you to spruce up your property. 

Fencing can give your property a hidden edge against competitor sellers or landlords. 

Use a fence to your advantage to add privacy and style and increase your home’s value.

Can A Fence Increase Property Value?

When adding a fence to your property, homeowners decrease their insurance rates. 

Fencing can increase curb appeal for a home with a stylish backyard fence. 

Given the low supply of homes currently, curb appeal and first impressions are more important than ever. 

Buyers facing a quick decision on purchasing a home or renting from you will prefer a safe and secluded place for their family to live. 

Placing a fence in a strategic location can also be beneficial. 

Covering a run-down building or neighboring older home can be the edge that makes your home more valuable than others on your block.

When purchasing a fence, consider your budget. 

Depending on the location of your home and your reasons for a fence, some options may be more reasonable than others. 

Also, remember that adding property value can start with the fence but does not need to end there. 

Fencing can lead the way to pergolas, vines, or even adding levels to your yard.

How much value does a fence add?

Adding a fence to your home will increase your home’s value by about half the cost of installing the wall. 

Seeking professional installation is the most critical factor. 

While you may think installing your fence will save you money, improper installation will cost you more in the long run. 

Dealing with repair fees or inferior-quality materials will cost you double the initial installation cost.

Choosing materials with less upkeep and maintenance can add more value to your property. 

You won’t be spending money to maintain it; potential buyers will see that value, too. 

Homeowners: Fencing Can Give Your Property a Hidden Edge

Weigh the amount you’re willing to spend at the time of purchase and consider how long you plan to own your home. 

Getting creative can also increase the value of your fence. 

Adding colorful flowers or plants embellishes a house, making your property more valuable.

Why are fences necessary?

When selling or renting a home, owners want to look for dependable buyers. 

Sometimes, these people may look like families with children and pets. 

Extra security and privacy with fencing can give your property a hidden edge among competitors. 

Families with young children must keep them in an enclosed space away from vehicles and strangers. 

Owners or renters with dogs will also look to rent homes with new, quality fences to keep their pets safe. 

A SunTrust Bank study found that millennial buyers are influenced by yard and space by 33% when purchasing their first home. 

A secure, ample space to play is always preferable amongst buyers with small children and pets.

The American dream is far from over, and the white picket fence is part of the American dream for a reason. 

Fences can provide an aesthetic embellishment to your property. 

They’re incredibly versatile and come in whichever color you’d like, leaving room for creativity. 

They vary in height, size, and material to make your house stand out. 

When you build a fence, you create a home out of a house.

What type of fence should I get?

When choosing a style and material for your fence, ask yourself what needs and wants this fence will fill. 

Consider whether your motivation is solely aesthetic or primarily practical. 

You also need to consider your budget and upkeep. 

Some fences are more durable than others, making the installation costs higher but the maintenance costs lower.

You’ll also want to consider each fence’s maintenance tasks and schedule. 

An aluminum or vinyl fence requires little to no maintenance and time. 

Other materials, such as wood and steel, require painting, cleaning, and sealing, which could cut into your weekend hours with your family. 

Whatever your needs, Bravo Fence has an array of fence materials to choose from to fit your needs.

Wood Fence

A wooden fence gives your backyard a timeless, inexpensive, practical look. 

Wooden fences are a favorite among homeowners due to their affordable nature and flexible design.

Aluminum Fence

An all-around favorite for business owners and homeowners alike is the aluminum fences. 

They provide a beautiful enclosure while being extremely durable and low maintenance. 

Aluminum fences add property value and come in various colors.

Steel Fence

A traditional choice is the steel fence. 

It will create a versatile, low-budget option that provides privacy and security for pets and families. 

They also work great as entrance gates, decorative fences, and pool fencing.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are optimal for security and durability and are also cost-efficient. 

They’ll increase the safety of your home or business and can endure harsh weather.

Vinyl Fence

When looking for an elegant choice, vinyl fencing is for you. 

A vinyl fence can quickly embellish your property and requires no regular maintenance. 

Bravo Fencing also offers high-quality PVC, so you don’t need to worry about painting or coating. 

If you’re looking for fencing that can give your home a hidden edge, vinyl is a top choice among homeowners.

Is it rude to put up a security fence?

We always hope for the best, but the unexpected sometimes happens. 

Privacy inevitably leads to security, and security is never rude. 

Discussing your new fence plans with your neighbors may avoid any assumptions and help you align and adjust your fence correctly. 

Although it can be awkward to discuss property lines, communicating and being straightforward can help you avoid legal disputes in the long run. 

You can explain that fences act as an obvious barrier for unwanted people passing through the neighborhood or even children who may run and ruin your lawn or garden. 

They also stop animals from entering or leaving your enclosed space. 

While deer rummaging through fall leaves on a cool morning may seem harmless, they could be a danger to your pets. 

Protecting your valuables and family should never be considered rude.

Choosing the Ideal Starting Point for Your Fence

Once you’ve chosen your fence, consider the layout. 

Although Bravo Fence professionals will save you the trouble of figuring out where to start and what to leave out, there are some things to consider when planning a fence. 

Careful planning will save you time and money in the future.

Fencing should always start as close to the front of your house as possible. 

It’ll also provide a larger area and protect any windows on the side of your home.

A larger enclosed yard can also give your property a hidden edge. 

Aligning the fence to your neighbors’ fence will also keep your house and neighborhood symmetrical, increasing property value. 

You also should consider your trash cans and AC unit. 

Leaving space for trash cans on the side of your home is helpful. 

Ensure your AC unit remains outside the fenced area, making access more accessible in case of any needed repairs. 

Consider any sheds or large storage units you may want to add. 

Leaving room for the possibility of sheds, trailers, or boats for yourself or future owners is also a good idea.

Optimal Number of Gates for Your Fence

Homeowners: Fencing Can Give Your Property a Hidden Edge

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have two gates. 

The two gates will serve as emergency exits, making entering or removing items easier. 

Making the gates wide enough will also make bringing in bulkier items easier. 

Typically, fence gates are at most four feet wide. 

If you need a larger opening, consider installing a removable fence panel. 

If you plan on moving large patio furniture, boats, trailers, or other bulky items that need a wide entrance, consider an extra-wide sliding or two-sided gate. 

An entrance gate directly behind your property is also a common choice. 

Discuss your unique needs with your Bravo Fence team and how wide you would like your gates.


Fencing can have many benefits and can turn your house into a home. 

It can provide security, privacy, and a special allure. 

Whether you’re looking to sell or create a perfect oasis to call home, fencing can give your property a hidden edge. 

Bravo Fence offers many choices, and we can guide you to effortlessly add value to your property and keep your family safe. 

There is no need to worry about installation—our professionals are on call and ready to help you achieve your dreams.


Can installing a fence raise the value of my property?

Yes, adding a fence to your property can increase its value. It can enhance curb appeal, provide security, and make your property more appealing to potential buyers or renters.

On average, how much value can I expect a fence to add to my property?

A fence can increase your property’s value by approximately half the installation cost. However, the increase depends on location, fence quality, and maintenance.

How do fences contribute to increasing property value?

Fences offer added security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal, making your property more desirable and valuable to potential buyers or renters.

Are there specific fence materials that are better for increasing property value?

Materials like vinyl, aluminum, and steel are popular choices for fences that can increase property value because they are durable, low-maintenance, and have a pleasing appearance.

Are there cases where adding a fence may not be a wise investment for increasing property value?

If the fence installation costs significantly outweigh the potential increase in property value, it may not be a worthwhile investment. Assess your specific situation carefully.

Will the impact on property value be the same regardless of where my property is located?

No, the impact of adding a fence on property value can vary depending on your neighborhood and region. Factors like local real estate trends and buyer preferences play a role.

Is it cost-effective to install a fence myself, or should I hire professionals?

While DIY installation may save money upfront, professional installation ensures proper quality and can prevent costly issues in the future, making it the more cost-effective choice.

Are there specific design elements I should consider when adding a fence to increase property value?

Factors like fence height, style, and color can influence how much value a fence adds. Consider these elements carefully to align with your property’s aesthetics and appeal.

How should I ensure my fence installation meets local regulations and codes?

It’s essential to check with your local authorities or homeowners’ association for any specific guidelines or permits required before installing a fence.

If I install a fence and later decide to change or remove it, can I do so without negatively impacting property value?

Generally, you can remove or replace a fence without significantly impacting property value if the new wall enhances the property’s overall appeal.


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