Do I Need a Permit to Build a Fence and Other Common Fence Installation Questions

If you’re considering adding a fence to your property or replacing an old fence, you likely have some questions. At Bravo Fence, we pride ourselves on not just building fences but educating our customers. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of common fence installation questions.

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Fence?

The permitting process for fences and other construction projects is typically run by the city where you live. If you live in an unincorporated area, your county may require permits for some projects. Depending on where you live, you may or may not need a permit, and the process and requirements may vary. In the Atlanta Metro Area, the City of Atlanta, City of Sandy Springs, City of Milton, City of Johns Creek, and the City of Brookhaven all have permit requirements for building fences.

Are There Limits on How I Build My Fence?

There are no uniform fence laws on the state level in Georgia. Instead, fences are regulated at the county and municipal level. That leaves room for a lot of fence installation questions since the exact rules vary by location. However, many of the rules are similar.

In most places, there are limits on how tall fences can be. Fences in the back of your property are usually allowed to be up to six feet tall. In some instances, you may be able to build taller—for example, it may be permissible to add a lattice or other transparent section to your fence up to eight feet. In other instances, you may be able to build up to eight feet if you can demonstrate a reasonable need to do so. Exact rules vary by municipality.

Most cities also place height limits on fences in the front of your property, and they are often shorter than backyard fences. A front yard fence may also need to be set back from the public right of way by a few feet. If you live on a corner lot, there are likely rules about fence height that restrict you from blocking a driver’s view around the corner for safety reasons.

The finished side of a fence must face outward in almost every jurisdiction. And if you plan on building along your property line, you may require preapproval from your neighbor. If you don’t want to deal with your neighbor, your best bet is to build your fence a few feet inside your property line.

Do I Need to Know Where My Property Line Is?

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to determine where the fence will be installed. If you are installing a fence close to your property line, we recommend that you get the plat map or other surveyor’s drawing of your property. If you don’t have that, you can hire a surveyor to determine your property line. We’ll build the fence wherever you tell us to, but if you can provide us with the property map, we can help you determine the limits of where you can build.

Do I Need to Know Where Power, Sewage, and Gas Lines Are Buried?

You should always locate buried utilities before digging. In most cases, that information is readily available from the utility companies. We will obtain that information before we begin digging for posts.

Can You Stain My Wooden Fence?

Yes. We have a wide range of stain colors available for your wooden fence. You can choose translucent stains that allow the wood grain to show through or opaque stains that look more like paint. A stain isn’t just for looks. Staining your fence helps protect it from the elements and maintain its color. However, if you are using pressure-treated wood, we cannot stain your fence right away. It may take a few weeks for the wood to completely dry out so that it can take the stain.

Is There a Maintenance-Free Option?

This is one of the most common fence installation questions. Many homeowners are concerned about the ongoing work of owning a fence. Luckily, most fences don’t require a lot of maintenance. Wood fences need to be restrained every year or two, and steel fences should be inspected for rust. But if you want a truly maintenance-free option, we recommend chain link, vinyl, or aluminum. Chain link fences hardly need any maintenance. Vinyl fences can be cleaned with a hose if they get dirty but don’t require any real maintenance. And aluminum fences are rust-free and can go for years without any kind of maintenance.

Are There Color Options for Chain Link Fences?

Yes. Chain link is an excellent option for homeowners who want a strong, maintenance-free fence. But many homeowners don’t like the idea of industrial-looking chain link fences. Luckily, chain link is now available with vinyl coating in a few different colors. Black is the most popular. It’s simple and elegant and blends in nicely. You can also grow hedges up against a chain link fence to help disguise it. And if you plan to do that, you might consider green vinyl.

Do I Need to Talk to My Neighbor?

If your fence will be where your neighbor can see it, it is always advisable to at least let them know what you are doing. After all, there will be construction work for a couple of days, and then they will have to see your fence for years. If the fence will be along the property line between you and your neighbor, the law may require you to get their approval. Also, in many instances, you and the neighbor can split the cost of a fence on the property line. It’s best to check with your neighbor if they have any fence installation questions, too.

Can I Finance My Fence?

We realize that a fence is not always cheap. And while we try to offer competitive pricing and great value, many homeowners would like to pay for their fence over time. We offer financing through partners at Wells Fargo. You can learn more about financing your fence on our Financing Page.

Can I Get a Free Quote Before I Make a Decision?

Absolutely. We want you to make the best, most informed decision you can before you take the plunge to hire a fence contractor. We are happy to offer a free, no-obligation estimate for your fence project. We’ll talk with you about your needs, where the fence will be, and what you want to accomplish to help you decide what works best for your situation. Then we can provide a free written estimate before you decide to move forward.


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