Disrupting the Industry – Top Complaints Against Fence Installers

Hiring someone to install a fence shouldn’t be difficult. 

For instance, when you call Bravo Fence Company, we’ll get it done in just three easy steps. 

First, choose your fence. We offer a wide selection of wood, aluminum, steel, chain link, and PVC fences to fit your needs. 

Next, we’ll prepare a custom quote for your project. 

We provide fast, custom quotes at competitive rates without sacrificing service quality. 

The final step is the installation itself. 

Our professional fence installers are dedicated to providing quality work across the metro Atlanta area in a prompt and efficient manner. 

Unfortunately, not all fencing companies are that simple. 

In fact, we’ve prepared a list of the top complaints against fence installers, as well as how Bravo Fence Company is disrupting the industry to bring you the best experience.

Lousy Customer Service

Customer service is key to any business. 

But we’ve heard some horror stories from customers who tried other fencing companies. 

From rude office staff to poorly behaved installers, some fencing companies just don’t get it. 

And that is #8 in the most common complaints against fence installers.

At Bravo Fence, we do things a little differently. 

We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry. 

Doing so allows us to retain the best reputation with our new, existing, and future customers. 

We are always learning how to make a customer’s experience better and adapting to the needs of the market.

We hire experienced team members and continuously train our team. 

The ongoing learning process allows us to provide excellent service in all of our departments. 

We strive to find the best solution for a customer’s needs with our years of experience. 

We do the work, so our customers don’t have to figure out something completely new to them, like a new fence.

Slow Response Time and Job Completion Time

When you want a fence installed, you don’t expect it to take months to complete. 

And when you reach out to a fencing company, you should expect a response in a reasonable amount of time. 

However, not every fencing company plays by those rules. 

The seventh in the most common compaints against fencing companies is that they just aren’t responsive. 

Questions go unanswered, and work goes unfinished. 

No homeowner deserves that.

Our staff is trained to respond to customers quickly and efficiently. 

And we are typically the first to answer calls or get back with customers compared to competitors. 

We understand that excellent communication and meeting a customer on their schedule will make them comfortable. 

Customers who feel cared for and heard can trust the product they are searching for.

As for installations, we have streamlined this process. 

We have a system that allows our installation team to show up to jobs as soon as possible. 

The majority of our jobs have the material ready on-site for installers the morning of or day before the installation. 

This creates an opportunity for installation teams to start right away. 

They can spend many extra hours on a job site to ensure they install a quality product in a timely manner.

Our installation team also has a support network, so they do not have to leave a job. 

If they are missing any products, our support team will take care of it. 

And your installers don’t have to leave the job site. 

Our team of specialists check up on our installation team’s needs and deliver any product they may need. 

Having a support system like this sets us apart from our competitors.

Shoddy or Low-Quality Work

If you are going to pay to have a fence installed, you expect a quality product. 

There’s nothing worse than going through the time and expense of fence installation, only to be disappointed with the results. 

That’s why #6 in the most common complaints against fence installers is that their work just isn’t satisfactory.

There’s no reason why you should pay for low-quality work, and at Bravo Fence, that will never be a problem. 

In fact, quality work is Bravo Fence’s greatest strength. 

Being one of the top fence companies in Georgia allows us to recruit the highest quality installation teams. 

And that gives us an advantage over the competition.

Great installation teams will not work with just any company. 

Like customers, they are always looking to work with the best company in the market. 

All of our installers have many years of experience and do the highest-quality work.

Quality of material is also extremely important to Bravo Fence. 

We will not install a product that does not meet our standards. 

When dealing with wood, it is common to have defective pieces on a job site. 

To avoid installing these products, we order extra material to filter through and pick out the best available. 

We also have the ability to return defective material to distributors. 

That allows us to pass along the savings and the best quality materials to our customers.

No-Shows and Lack of Professionalism

It’s amazing to us how often we hear about fencing companies that just don’t show up. 

No call, no reschedule, just an unexplained no-show. 

Customers have lives and arrange their schedules around a fence installation. 

So when an installer doesn’t show up, it can ruin a customer’s day.

Professionalism is closely tied to no-shows. 

While a no-show may be the height of unprofessionalism, it is not the only factor. 

How a company deals with no-shows and rescheduling says a lot about their values and how they treat their customers. 

We’ve heard of companies that no-show and then blame the customer! 

That’s why no-shows and a lack of professionalism are #5 in the most common complaints against fence installers.

At Bravo Fence, we value our customers and their time. 

Professionalism is just as important to our team as customer service. 

Team members know the importance of showing up to appointments on time, respecting customers while communicating with them, and representing our company in the best way possible.

Fences Built Not to Code

When you install a fence, there are almost always codes, laws, and ordinances to abide. 

Counties, cities, and even homeowners associations all have restrictions and what you can do with a fence.

And if you build a fence that ignores those guidelines, you may be in for a nasty surprise. 

If you are lucky, you’ll be fined and required to fix the fence. 

However, in many cases a fence needs to be completely torn down. 

What a waste of your time and money! It should go without saying that any fence installers need to be aware of local ordinances before they start. 

That’s why it is surprising that fences not built to code is actually #4 in the most common complaints against fence installers.

Bravo Fence’s team has years of experience and knowledge of ordinances, codes, and homeowners association requirements. 

We always help customers make educated decisions on what type of fence is allowed. 

Team members will also reach out to cities or counties if we feel something may not be correct.

But we don’t just keep our knowledge to ourselves. 

We also assist customers with any information they may need to receive homeowners association approval or local permits. 

If you are building a safety fence for a pool, having a fence to code is very important. 

We have extensive knowledge on pools around the Metro Atlanta area. 

Each city or county has different requirements. 

Top Complaints Against Fence Installers

So it is very helpful to hire someone who has worked in the area before. 

Someone like Bravo Fence.

Fence Installers Left a Mess

When you hire a fence installation company, you expect the job done right from start to finish. 

And a proper fence installation doesn’t end when the last post is installed. 

Like any work done on a home, a complete job means getting your home looking better than when you started. 

If you didn’t want your home improved, you wouldn’t have hired someone in the first place.

That’s why it is so frustrating to homeowners when fence installers finish the construction and leave before cleaning up. 

When that happens, the homeowners have only two options. 

Either they have to hire another company to clean up or go out and do the hard labor themselves. 

Neither option is what you expect when you hire a fence installer. 

Unfortunately, leaving a mess is so common that it is #3 in the most common complaints against fence installers.

Bravo Fence understands that when we’re done, you shouldn’t have any other work to do. 

Completing a job in a timely manner is very important for Bravo Fence and to our customers. 

But that doesn’t mean we cut corners. 

We always strive to be as unobtrusive as possible and clean up properly after an installation. 

When a fence is installed, there will always be spots of dirt from where holes were dug. 

But it is important to us that we leave a project looking better than when we arrived.

Took Money and Vanished or Didn’t Do the Job

This should definitely not be the second in the most common complaints against fence installation companies. 

But unfortunately, it is. 

Taking money and vanishing or not doing a job can range from an outright scam to a complete lack of professionalism. 

When you pay for a job, it goes without saying that you expect the job done correctly and on-time. 

So we find it completely unacceptable that some fence installation companies miss such a basic requirement.

At Bravo Fence, we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest with everything we do. 

We maintain an accredited company with an A+ rating with BBB. 

We are TrustDALE certified, too. 

To stay certified, we go through in-depth TrustDALE investigations that verify we are fair with everything we do.

Staying in communication with customers anytime they need to discuss something helps tremendously with being a trusted company. 

Customers can always reach our office or their sales reps directly whenever they have questions or concerns.

Your trust is justified on the day of installation when you see a dedicated and hard-working team installing your fence. 

We always want to maintain the best reputation in our industry. 

In the construction industry, there are too many instances where customers are taken advantage of or completely ripped off. 

Being transparent and honest with customers allows us to gain their trust and keep it for years to come.


Customers expect value out of a fence installation company. 

It can sometimes be hard to know the best value in fence installation. 

One way to judge value is to get quotes from multiple companies. 

But value is not the same as price, and the lowest bid may not be the highest value. 

Instead, value is a combination of fair pricing and high-quality work. 

Unfortunately, the number one complaint customers have against fence installation companies is that they were overpriced. 

There is no worse feeling than completing a fence and feeling like you were cheated.

At Bravo Fence, we want you to feel confident that you paid a fair price for a great fence. 

We are very competitive on prices on a wide variety of fences. 

This is mainly due to our preferred customer status with major suppliers of fencing products. 

Due to our volume, we are able to get materials at savings we can pass along to our customers. 

Our installation team is also a huge factor in price. 

Having a professional team that can install a fence with the proper quality and attention to detail, and complete it in a timely manner, allows us to streamline the installation and complete the job sooner, which saves time and money.

Disrupting the Industry

At Bravo Fence, we aren’t satisfied to do what everyone else does. 

We are in the business to disrupt the industry with excellent service, competitive prices, and the highest quality work. 

We are continually training, learning, and listening to customers so we can be the best fence installation company in the Atlanta Metro Area. 

Contact Bravo Fence Company today to learn more about how we are changing the industry and to get your free quote.


At Bravo Fence Company, we understand that hiring a fence installer should be a simple and stress-free process. 

We have taken note of the top complaints against fence installers and are committed to disrupting the industry by providing the best customer experience possible. 

We offer a wide selection of high-quality fencing materials and provide custom quotes at competitive rates. 

Our professional fence installers are highly skilled and dedicated to delivering prompt and efficient service throughout the metro Atlanta area. 

Here at Bravo Fence, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and our focus on excellent customer service, timely responses, and superior craftsmanship sets us apart from the rest. 

We value our customers’ time, ensure that all work is done to code, and leave no mess behind. 

With transparency and honesty at the core of our values, we strive to earn our customers’ trust and provide them with the best value for their fencing needs. 

Choose Bravo Fence Company for a hassle-free, reliable, and top-notch fence installation experience.


What sets Bravo Fence Company apart from other fencing companies? 

At Bravo Fence, we are committed to disrupting the industry by providing excellent customer service, competitive prices, and the highest quality work. Our team consists of experienced professionals who undergo continuous training to ensure they deliver the best results. We value transparency, communication, and honesty, and our focus is on providing a hassle-free and reliable fence installation experience for our customers.

How does Bravo Fence ensure responsiveness and timely installations? 

At Bravo Fence, we prioritize quick responses and efficient installations. Our staff is trained to respond to customer inquiries promptly, and we strive to be the first to answer calls or reach out to customers. We have streamlined our installation process, ensuring that our installation teams have materials ready on-site for most jobs. Additionally, our support network allows our installers to focus on the job without having to leave the site for missing products.

Top Complaints Against Fence Installers

How does Bravo Fence ensure the quality of its work and materials? 

Quality work is Bravo Fence’s greatest strength. We hire highly skilled and experienced installation teams, ensuring that all our projects meet the highest standards. We are one of the top fence companies in Georgia, which allows us to attract the best installation teams in the market. We also pay close attention to the quality of materials we use, ensuring that they meet our standards and passing along the savings and best materials to our customers.

How does Bravo Fence handle local ordinances and codes? 

Bravo Fence’s team has extensive knowledge of local ordinances, codes, and homeowners association requirements. We help customers make educated decisions on fence types that comply with regulations and can assist in obtaining homeowners association approval or local permits when needed. We always ensure that our installations meet all required codes and regulations.

What measures does Bravo Fence take to ensure customer satisfaction? 

At Bravo Fence, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. We value our customers’ time and aim to complete installations in a timely manner. Our team members are trained to be respectful, communicate effectively, and represent our company professionally. We also prioritize cleanliness, ensuring that the job site is left better than when we arrived. Additionally, our transparency and honesty in all interactions help us build trust with our customers.

How does Bravo Fence offer competitive prices? 

Bravo Fence is competitive in pricing due to our preferred customer status with major suppliers of fencing products. Our volume allows us to obtain materials at savings we pass on to our customers. Additionally, our efficient and professional installation team allows us to streamline the installation process, saving time and reducing costs. We prioritize providing value by offering fair pricing and high-quality work.


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