Destroying the Top 5 Chain Link Fence Myths

Most residential homeowners think wood or vinyl fences are their only options for securing their property. That’s because of the stigma caused by chain link fence myths. In fact, you might be surprised by what a good fit chain link can be for just about any property. Let’s destroy 5 of the top chain link fence myths!

What are Chain Link Fences?

Chain link fences are a secure, versatile, and affordable fencing option. They can benefit owners of a wide variety of homes, businesses, and industrial complexes. Bravo Fence offers a wide variety of chain link fencing options for houses and properties. Options include chain link fence gates, fence posts, fence rails, and privacy slats. We also offer galvanized and color-coated steel options for chain link fences, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for cost.

Chain Link Fence Myths

Unfortunately, there tend to be some misconceptions when it comes to commercial fencing. We want to help clear these up so you can better protect your assets, including your home, buildings, equipment, and vehicles. If you’re considering a new chain link fence and want to separate fact from fiction, read on. We’re destroying the top five chain link fence myths. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about these things when picking out a new fence.

#1 They are ugly

The most common myth about chain link fences is that they are an unattractive choice. However, we can customize the size and color of your chain link commercial fence to fit the aesthetics of your property. Moreover, the chain link design allows for a nearly unbroken view of your home and landscape. Thus, chain link fencing can really amplify the beauty of your home and property. The fence will simply fade into the natural scenery while still keeping your property safe.

In fact, color-coated chain link fences can come in environmentally inspired colors such as green, brown, and black to match the natural beauty of whatever the surrounding landscape. These fences will add to your home’s curb appeal. If you’re picturing something out of a construction zone or a dilapidated commercial lot, you haven’t seen the chain link fences we can offer.

#2 They are expensive

This is an especially head-scratching misconception about chain link fences. That’s because chain link fences can actually be one of the most affordable fencing options, especially if you have a large property to secure! There’s no question that chain link fence wins when it comes to price versus other materials. Unlike other materials that come as panels or individual posts and pickets, chain link comes as a roll that can easily be stretched between posts. If you are enclosing a large area, the cost savings of a chain link fence can be significant. In fact, to enclose a very large property, chain link may be the only cost-effective solution.

#3 They are high maintenance

Another common misconception about chain link fencing is it rusts easily and is difficult to clean and repair. Thus, making it high maintenance. However, chain link fences are coated with galvanized zinc to prevent corrosion. And all it requires is cleaning with a pressure washer to provide further protection against rust. Additionally, repairing a chain link fence is generally much easier and more affordable than fixing composite or wood fencing.

Of course, there are poor-quality fences available on the market which do require high maintenance. However, a properly installed chain link option from our experienced team will stand the test of time. We use galvanized steel chain link fencing that will not rust. Then we set the posts in concrete, so the sections will stay rigid even against high winds that could blow lesser fences over. Their shape and design help to let wind and rain run through it, not against it. Thus, chain link fencing is very strong and durable, requiring little in the way of maintenance.

#4 They are noisy

Solid construction and proper installation by an experienced fencing company will help prevent your chain link fence from making noise. If you’re concerned about high winds, a heavy wire can be woven through the mesh and around the posts to prevent the metal from banging together. However, unless you live in a high wind area, this shouldn’t necessary at all. Regardless, if you’re concerned about noise, the fix is very easy. It can be completed during installation to give you complete peace of mind.

#5 They are dangerous

Some homeowners may think of unmaintained, poorly constructed chain link fences of the past youth. They may worry that such fences won’t be safe for pets or children. Yes, older models of chain link fences were not so sturdily constructed. Thus, they occasionally had sharp corners that could stick out and cause nasty scratches or scrapes. However, today’s chain link fencing is designed specifically with children and pets in mind. Therefore, edge wires are always turned in and secured. No sharp edges to worry about!

Why You Should Ignore Chain Link Fence Myths

Having a chain link fence installed on your property comes with a myriad of benefits. Often, it’s a fantastic solution that many people are happy with for their property. Unfortunately, chain link fence myths can fool home and business owners into reconsidering them as an option. We hope that by debunking some of these myths, you’ve reconsidered your stance. In fact, seeing all the great benefits, you might just find that it’s the perfect solution to your fencing needs!


We hope that this information about chain link has helped clarify negative notions you may have had about the material. And keep in mind that Bravo Fence has raised the bar in Georgia for commercial, residential, and industrial chain link fences. If you need an affordable chain link fence you can trust, Bravo Fence is licensed and insured with over 20 years of experience. Reach out today for an estimate and to plan how chain link fence can enhance and secure your home or property!


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