Can You Install a Fence in Winter?

Winter is a great time to install a new fence. It’s cold outside, but you can do the work in your home without too much discomfort. You might be wondering if it’s possible to install a fence in winter and we say absolutely! If you follow these tips and hire an experienced professional fencing company, then your project will be completed successfully and quickly.

Why You Should Install a Fence in Winter

There are plenty of great reasons to install a fence in winter. While it may seem counterintuitive, once you think about all the possibilities, you’ll see how great this choice can be. Here are some of the best reasons to get your fencing project started right away this winter:

More Privacy

Many homeowners rely on foliage to add privacy and beauty to their homes. But unless you have a thick stand of evergreen trees blocking your property, your home might seem a little bare and exposed in the winter. Thus, a privacy fence is more needed than ever in the winter! Now, no matter the season, your home and yard will offer the privacy you need.

Shorter Waiting Time

Not everyone is as good at planning ahead as you can be! Thus, in the springtime, there’s often a scramble to have new fences installed. Beat the rush by scheduling your install this winter. Fencing companies are more flexible and may even offer off-season discounts.

Landscaping is Easier

Installing a new fence is a construction project. And most people don’t want a construction project messing up their nicely manicured lawns and gardens! Thus, you should install a fence in winter, when most plants are dormant. Your fence will be ready once your plants spring back to life and you won’t waste time and effort on replanting mid-season.

More Time for Custom Work

If your ideal fence design includes custom components, winter is the time to start. Most manufacturers keep a low supply of specialized materials, so just getting what you need can take time. If you wait until the busy spring and summer months, your wait will be that much longer. Thus, if you want a specialized design, shape, color, or size, winter is the best time for your project.

Your Yard is Ready for Spring

One of the biggest benefits of having a fence installed in the winter is that you won’t have to wait to start enjoying better weather. By the time you (or your kids or pets) are just bursting with cabin fever and dying to get outside, your fence will be ready! You will be able to go outside and enjoy your space safely and privately. While your neighbors endure construction in the spring and summer, you can sit back and enjoy your brand-new fence.

What to Know When You Want to Install a Fence in Winter

There’s no need to delay until spring if you’re hoping to install a fence on your property this winter. However, there are a few things you should know before you get started.

Consider the Cold!

Winter is cold, so consider how much prep work you’re willing to do on your own. If you’re going to do some yard work first, you’ll need to wear warm clothes and gloves (or use hand warmers). If you’d rather skip being out in the cold, most professional fencing companies will include some demo and prep work in their overall installation cost.

Don’t Wait: Install a Fence in Winter BEFORE the Freeze

You should install your fence before it snows. If the ground is already frozen there’s no way for water or snowmelt to drain away from where you dig holes. This will make it more difficult to install posts in winter conditions because they could shift during freezing months.

Be Flexible

Be prepared that the weather might not cooperate with your project schedule. Check local forecasts so that you can plan accordingly when putting up a fence in bad weather. You don’t want to be caught off guard by an unexpected storm!

How to Install a Fence in Winter

While winter is a great time to install a fence, there are certain challenges. Thus, a professional fencing company will be your best option. They will have all the skills and tools necessary to do a great job.

How a Professional Gets the Job Done

Installing a fence in the winter can be tough work. It’s cold outside, and the work is hard. While your DIY spirit might have you considering taking on the job, a professional is simply better equipped. For example, since the ground is colder and harder, installers might utilize a jackhammer to dig holes. Additionally, a professional installer might opt to use a special additive into the concrete for the footings to avoid freeze issues.


Can install a fence in winter? Simply put: yes, you can install fences throughout the year. But installing a fence in winter can have many benefits. From saving time and money to protecting and enjoying your yard, there’s no reason to wait. To get started on installing your dream fence, reach out to our experienced team at Bravo Fence Company. We look forward to helping you get started on a fence this winter!


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