Adding a Fence to Your Home

There are plenty of benefits of adding a fence to your home. But one question we often get is whether adding a fence to your home will increase its value. To answer that, we need to start with the caveat that there are very, very few home improvement projects that have a 100% or higher ROI when you sell. Some people make a living flipping houses, but that’s generally because they start with cheap, run-down homes and focus on getting the maximum sheen for the minimum investment. If your home isn’t dilapidated, there is a limit to how much value you can add to it. So don’t think of a fence, or any home improvement project, only as a way to make money. Instead, think of the benefits you will enjoy while you live in your home. If you enjoy your fence, so will your eventual buyers.

Curb Appeal

There are other reasons a fence can help sell a house that have less to do with the direct value of your home. A major factor in any home sale is curb appeal. As the name implies, curb appeal is the impression someone has of your home while standing on the curb. The idea is that this is their very first impression, before ever stepping foot on your property, much less inside your home. And while you may think that the true value of your home will shine through once a buyer gets inside, the human psyche is not on your side.

We all know that first impressions are hard to shake. So if a potential buyer gets a good impression from the curb appeal of your home, they are likely to view the interior of your house more favorably. But if your home looks run-down on the outside, buyers will likely spend their time inside your home trying to confirm or debunk the idea that the house is in poor shape. And that is definitely not the mindset you want from a potential buyer.

How Curb Appeal Affects Home Values

Curb appeal doesn’t directly raise or lower your home’s value. But it can have a more indirect effect on your final sale price. Homes with low curb appeal sell more slowly, and a slow sale can equal a lower selling price.

As a home sits on the market, two things happen. First, sellers get anxious, especially if they have already bought a new home. With pressure to sell, the price can drop. Second, potential buyers look at the amount of time the house has been on the market and wonder why it hasn’t sold. In fact, if a home isn’t selling, some real estate agents will actually take it off the market for a while to restart the clock, so to speak. Taking it off the market and then putting it back on makes it look like the home has only been for sale since its second introduction to the real estate market. And in some cases, before that second introduction to the market, homeowners are advised to improve the house’s curb appeal.

Adding a Fence to Your Home Improves Its Appearance

Curb appeal is where your new fence meets your home value. The fence itself is a nice feature, and a new fence does have some value. But the real gains come from the way your new fence enhances the overall appearance of your home.

To get the most visual appeal from your fence, you need to think about the perfect type of fence to enhance your home. You should consider the design and architectural style of your home as well as neighborhood standards. Few buyers want to be the stand-out house on the block that looks wildly different than everyone else. So if wooden picket fences are the norm on your block, you may want to think twice before installing a rustic split rail or classic ornamental metal fence.

But if you add the right type of fence for your home and your neighborhood, you could substantially improve its appearance by adding a fence to your home. The key is to understand what the different types of fences say and use that to decide which to install.

Picking the Right Fence to Add to Your Home

Selecting your fence and getting it right is the most significant factor in how much value you get from adding a fence to your home. Different fences accentuate different types of homes. Here’s a little rundown to help you pick the best for your home.

White Picket Fence

The white picket fence is the epitome of classic Americana. It is nearly synonymous with the American dream. As such, it works well with many traditional architectural styles. From brick ranches to classic colonial styles, a white picket fence works best with homes that are not too modern. A craftsman home, ranch, bungalow, colonial-style, Tudor, Victorian, or cottage all look great with a wood picket fence. However, some house styles do not lend themselves to traditional picket fences. If your house is a Mediterranean or contemporary style, wooden pickets may clash.

Ornamental Metal Fence

Ornamental metal fences can take on many shapes and styles to match a variety of homes. Metal fencing can be classic or contemporary, ranging from delicate decorative embellishments to stark modernism. Traditional wrought-iron look fences are perfect for old-style homes like colonial-style or traditional styles like cottages and even craftsman homes. For modern and contemporary homes, metal fencing with sleek, clean lines can accentuate the modernist architecture.

Classic Wood Privacy Fence

While they may not work in most front lawns, the classic wooden privacy fence is a staple of the suburban backyard. It is the most common type of fence we install, and you’ll find them in millions of homes. In many neighborhoods, property lines are marked by wooden privacy fences, including nearly every single house. There are numerous style choices, such as the type of wood, paint or stain color, and the pickets’ shape and style. Wooden fences can have flat tops, or they can be designed with curves or ridges. You can upgrade the posts with finials or other decorative features. Wood privacy fences are extremely practical and go with almost any type of home.

If you like the idea of a wood privacy fence but don’t like the idea of maintaining it, try vinyl. Vinyl privacy fences can look just like wood but with much less maintenance. Vinyl fences need little more than occasional cleaning with a hose or power washer to stay in tip-top condition.

Chain Link Fence

While most homeowners wouldn’t think of chain link fencing as a way to boost home values, you can’t rule it out. Chain link fencing has the distinction of being almost maintenance-free. If other houses in the area have chain link fencing, it may not stand out as unusual. And there are lots of ways to beautify a chain link fence. If you have hedges around your property and want a fence that can add security without blocking your plants, chain link is a great choice. Chain link can blend into plants and hedges for a natural look.

Add a Fence to Your Home for Your Enjoyment

While fences can increase curb appeal and home values, we recommend installing a fence you will love to live with. Think about your needs and use them as your guide. If you build a fence that works well for your family and your home, there is a good chance any potential buyers will feel the same. If you are interested in adding the perfect fence to your home, contact Bravo Fence Company for your free estimate.


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